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sixty-nine icons
External Services:
  • 69_icons@livejournal.com

I have a new icon journal! It's charmicons, so please head on over there! :D

All the icons here are made by Lindsey from outpour. Go ahead & add this journal to your friends list for updates, but there will never be any friends only posts. If you would like to see past icons, they are archived here in the memories. All my icons can be nominated at hp_awards & lotr_awards.

1. Comment if you're taking an icon. I like to keep track of who has them.
2. Credit "69_icons" in your keywords. If you don't, then you're pretty much taking credit for an icon you didn't make.
3. I'm not good with requests, so don't ask for them.
4. You can only use these icons on livejournal. No greatestjournal, deadjournal, blurty, ect.
5. Do not direct link. It takes up bandwidth.
6. Do not customize my icons. If I post bases, then I will let you know if you can customize. But, other then that, no.
7. No anonymous posting. I've disabled it.

- A few resources I use (screencaps, fonts, ect.) can be found here.
- All the awards I've won can be found here.

mesmeriseicons; track32; iconxcore; tableau; teh_indy; i_blur; _iconsofdoom; __fadedphotos; buddha_; bitter_icons; jasmine_designs; sensible_icons; misscons; air_icons; icon_addict; stickywicket; exit21; sadakosicons; killprettyx; stopnoise; so_called; xiii_icons; _diamondicons; _verso; _kissyfish; _luckydoll; iconreality; icongrab; yellow_dusk; icondoit; interview_; bigdamnicons; helloicons; lalabah; nefithilwen;

Wanna be an affiliate? Just ask here only! Any other place will be ignored.

lotricons; goodhplotricons; hp_icons; troyicons; potc_icons; pimpicons; takenote_icons;

Challenge Communities
hp_chorus; hp_hush; hp_stillness; hpicontest; pophpship; lordharrypirate; lotr_chorus; lotr_hush; lotrstillness; pirates_chorus; potc__stillness; thousandships; troy_chorus; ruleyourdestiny; harry_chorus; yule_ball; shippericontest; rh_chorus; hp_icontest;

I post at all these communities under my personal journal, outpour.